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YTD Video Downloader
YTD Video Downloader x86-x64 Download Free Torrent


YTD Video Downloader

There are many video downloads, but not as good as the current Video Uploader. In the year of Downloader – is a great tool to keep your favorite videos on iTunes and other video sites.

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When installing from the beginning of the year, Video Uploader, he’ll ask you if you want other programs, but you can decline it by clicking the buttonreboot. After that, the installation is very fast and the ITD Video Downloader automatically opens. Explanation of the interface. Once you copy the link or YouTube video to the clipboard, it will automatically be displayed in the URL. Now you can download the complete quality of 1080 HD, as well as lower quality. Just click on the big red “Load” button below, and from the beginning of the year, Downloader will immediately start downloading.

Convert to differentformats

In display status activity it was uploaded, and we learned that loading video for three minutes takes about 1 minute. You can then also play videos that you’ve downloaded directly from the Activiti tab or go to the Plaiback tab. On the activity tab, there is a menu for correct click, where you can choose to play offline or player from the start of the default year and wipe the file, pause pause, rename andmore.

In addition, you can convert the video after downloading a good one that provides a set of presets for iPod, iPad, MP4, Windows Media and more. To download them simultaneouslyYou will need to upgrade the Pro version. Conversions require approximately simultaneous download

Note that you can add multiple video clips to download and convert if you want, so you can easily bringthis in ITD Video Downloader and view their download. To convert multiple files at once, you need to upgrade your Pro version again.


In general, ITD Video Downloader is a great iUTube downloader and video that’s easy to use, fast and efficient. If you are looking for other free alternatives, we recommend you download UmmiVideo Downloader or IT Free Downloader. There is also Ummi Video Downloader for Mac;

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