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—————————— Alex Wayne —————— ————————

– This tool is recommended for engineers and network administrators.

You can configure the folder in environment variables and use the “global” tool!

Tools must be enabled by the system administrator !!! #

Release Notes ::

-WaveSniff is a tool written by Alex Wayne in the Python programming language.

– It’s to sniff your raw packaging network on the cable and much more!

Platform(s): Windows 7/8 – XP is not recommended.

– Screen capture screen in the download folder ataxD


– Strip everything!

– Install all devices from the x86 folder!

– Open the waveSniff of the ur command line!

# WAVE # refusal #

Enjoy this!

For questions that come with my 1337x account!

– Posted 26/26/18 # !!

Screenshot 1:

Screenshot 2:

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