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Scratch 2 Offline
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Scratch 2 Offline

Scratch is a science and education tool designed for young people to help them learn key concepts behind programs that promote user algorithms. With Scratch you can design characters that can dance, sing and interact with other neat steps. Scratch is basically a graphical programming language in which programming is much easier than in traditional programming languages. In the writings are graphicBlocks displayed so that you can capture one (function {) {(‘review-app-page-desktop’)}}; You can also create mobile pictures and choose animated answers to your mouse movement. Adding music clips or other sound effects is also possible and fairly easy. Although Scratch needs some time to master it, as well as having many features in it, as you can any real difficulty with the program you have completed on ScratchShare it on the Scratch site. You can also integrate your project into other pages as it is a great way to encourage critical thinkers and create unique programs on their computer.

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