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Red Sparrow 2018
Red Sparrow 2018 download free movie torrent


Red Sparrow 2018

Dominika Yegorov has a lot of things. The consecrated daughter decided to protect her mother at any cost. The great ballerina with anger pushed her body and mind to absolute limits. Master of seductive and coincident battles. When in the finals she was struck by labor injuries, Dominica and her mother wereA dangerous and uncertain future. That’s why she was the newest place to study at the Vorobei School, a secret service specializing in such young professionals as her body and mind as a weapon. After the treatment of discomfort and sadistic exercises, she appears to be the mostdangerous sparrows, ever created by the project. Dominika needs to solve the person you are dealing with, and control your life, and everyone you care for, represent the American CIA, trying to convince her that he is the only one you can trust.

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