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ReFX Nexus v2
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ReFX Nexus v2


NEXUS2 is a second generation of high-quality synthesizer ROM that can turn your music dreams into a wonderful fact. Forget about sounds, fantasy, old, ROM sounds and collaborates with powerful NEXUS2 to generate your production with a new level of beauty. You can find plenty here to expand with presets for NEXUS.

NEXUS2 investigates a new field of sonic emerging complex, ultra-oils, modern radiation that looks like the best sophisticated scientistsThe best today. Strong and simple architecture is the basis for supporting the system’s systematic and systematic system promptly. Each NEXUS2 function has been built to produce high quality music, fast and fantastic music.

NEXUS2 has a step-by-step step 32 with a simple, easy-to-use channel of 32-channel, reverberated-leading reverberation industry and modern module that helps you to hit.


You know, and so we: music drums do not exist without magical arpeggios that surround you in your heads afterto hear a song in the club. So we do not care about NEXUS 2 reviews from the Arpeggiator. 32-step drawing, note with octave transposition and loop adjustment space are just a few of the controls you want to go deep and when you type your songs. Use a few Volunteer Arpeggiator items to break the NEXUS 2 sound, voice sounds, or exciting music. If you hear your head, NEXUS 2s Arpeggiator can do it.


Add controversy, effect-inducing effectrhythmic for your voice and NEXUS 2s resets TranceGate. If you work with 32 bright sets, you can easily adjust the nail on the real line you hear on your head. Use tempo delays and blur controls to maximize delays and losses of hidden, unwanted waste. Change the starting point of the loop and the pan to appear without a look-in and left-to-face view to create a stereo caused photo. Or switch from TranceGate Shopwhich lets you convert any NEXUS 2 sound to a sonic fun story story.

Mixer / FX

As with all other parts of NEXUS 2, we have connected the core and power of the Mixer / FX component. It should be intuitive, easy and over all the time-consuming tools to complete your NEXUS sound. The FXVolunteer definition helps to increase the scope and focus on just the right areas. Reverb and original signal from Acoustic Art, Stereo enhancer and two FX slots areOnly three ways to create the proposed software in the NEXUS 2s Mixer / FX section.


NEXUS 2 offers the endless possibilities of the module; for example, if you want to use the “traditional” LFO module or to go along the way with description of work definition. Let’s go to your mind completely: just select yourselfch and destination and let NEXUS 2 do it.

PC is required under system

VST or RTAS ownership software

Pentium class GHz processor and support for SSE2 *

2 GB RAM (4 GB or more is recommended)

Seewith a resolution of 1024 768 or more

Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

DVD car for packaging

Available disk space

4GB install the login software with the factory

Welcome. GB 1 for expansion

Welcome. 40 GB for all extensions

Depending on hosting software

Ableton living

Logic6au top

Garage belt 4 or more

Sonar 6 or more

Reaper 2 or later

Pro Tools or higher

FL studio later


Digital actor or more

Renoise 2 or more

ACIDPro 6 or more

Cubase SX1 or more

Night or later

Orion 5 or more

NI Maschine or later

Studio One


You need WinRar or another physician for your option to stop or burn or upload an ISO file

Install Nexus 2

Copy the “Nexus Content” folder for your selection area (usually the same folder)

Install shutting up your hard drive car with the content folder


Our independence allows interference for any Nex expansion or skin

Nexus2 connection.If you are using extensions offered by other groups, we are very good

advises to repeat the .nxp file. Especially if you have been set up

fxp fix-up file to implement which was included with some extension releases.

Our withdrawal does not require presets because all decoding

appropriate to use the correct way 🙂

*** If you really want to be sure, clean up Nexus2 and enter any expansion and skin available ***

Delete your existing Nexus1 content folder

Remove Nexus1

Set Nexus2

Install all extensions withdanger

That is! Ready.

3Nj0Y !!!

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