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The Witcher 3:
The Witcher 3: download free torrent


The Witcher 3:

Highlight the features

By location release: GB

Add additional sound: GB

All GUI / Translations of the translation are fine

I DO NOT THINK, nothing is preserved

Audio voice packages include voluntary downloads to match the game’s option, with any translation of the text.

Losing loss of 100% for MD5:After installation, all files are similar in nature

Prepared for the official GOG tags, the inscription has been restored (opened after Snatch After the game has no registration for registration)

Minimum memory (available from GB 56 GB, depending on the language package)

Necessaryinstallation: 30 minutes CPU + SSD 8 centers; ~ 50 minutes CPU + SSD in 4 centers; ~ 1 minute 10 minutes CPU + HDD; Up to 2 CPUs + HDD. Avoid loading HDD during your installation! Torrent client or the same application is turned off.

After HDD installation: 36 ~ 61 GB (depending on the selected languagespackages)

Repack’s library PZlibi uses the Razor12911 library

It takes at least 2 GB of free memory (ie Virtual) to install this re-pack


You can browse the download files or you do not need them.

Here is a list of voluntary files(you need at least one sound download package):

For example, if you want to launch a game to play Russian UI / Subtitles / Sounds to move to the selected files,

but all the filesreceive it

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