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Paradise is a handy tool that looks like an iPad interface on the Windows desktop.

If you’re a big iPad player, this is your chance to turn your Windows Windows into an interesting iPad graphic interface.

The iPad has a dashboard that shows a variety of features: two Facebook widgets, a dashboard, a docking stationand a general application, as well as a set of icons for other applications. Together, this is a popular software like the YouTubena Instagram, as well as games like Angry Birds.

Each time you open an app on the iPad, it will open a browser window to display. To the right you will find another list of programs that you canpress as shortcuts. For example, if you are looking for, you will see your Facebook wall or search Wikipedia. This means, however, that programs are not born on your computer, since all users do not open on web pages after clicking. For other users it can be reducediPad running time. For others, iPad can be seen as the only way to visit some sites.

Dear iPads now have access to the Windows interface to switch to something more than OS X and iPad.

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