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FIFA 18 Demo
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FIFA 18 Demo


The left side of FIFA is we are unhappy. FIFA 18 looks decent

game, but then it’s not easy to look bad. Unfortunately, a

Not enough to provide “decent”. We promised the revolution, but

Each one we have is a little step forward here.

What’s new in the demo?

FIFA has 18 new features. The new crossing system provides greater freedom to pass on the vast involvement of Cristiano Ronaldomu’s ballwhich is allowed to move their skills and game techniques to some of the chimney behavior are acting as they work in real life and like the cherry on top we have a completely different bypass system.

In the presentation, the unity of all these creations leads to a more physical and tactical game than ever. It is clearer that each player is unique. For example, Bacau and Cint both stand in Chelsea. One of theThe most obvious change in gameplay is that it is not enough to press a button to protect yourself successfully. In addition, you will be Seriously Serving if you make mistakes when trying to recover the possession of the ball.

The problem was to be hard before a new one, we had a demo of FIFA 17 when he showed a “trip”. Yes, FIFA 18 is more beautiful, more tactical and physical, but nothing else. Nothis is a revolution that the Environment Agency Sports requires its marketing campaigns and its trailers. In addition, many FIFA problems, such as the AI’s ugly and unreliable behavior, are still present, as EA does not know they exist.

Other news

The FIFA Ultimate Team Kits 18, when the entire game is released, you will have legends such as Ronaldo Nazario, Diego Maradona, Pell or Ronaldinho. The FUT introduces them to the varietyanother season with their football football career. Daily and weekly are also added.

Travel It returns as Huntar as a key feature. In this historical way more players participate in activities such as Cristiano Ronaldo, ThierryHenry, James Harden … Now a campaign is outlined with shorter goals, you can customize Alex and even enter other second characters as well assmall campaigns that will open as you continue.

Graphically, FIFA 18 has improved significantly. The faces are more realistic, the movement is smooth and the steps have more detail. If you really value sinking like in real football matches, FIFA continues to give you what you want.

Bitter demo

No wonder. No revolutionary. Dignified only. This is the word that knows every time we think about the FIFA demo18. Due to the huge increase, PES is done every year and PES 2018 is an exception, “decent” is not enough. We assume that virtual football fans feel the same.

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