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Google Earth
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Google Earth

Google Earth Pro is a popular 3D Atlas business user.

Google Earth Pro is focused on a professional market, but there are many features that can also be useful for moderate users. For example, its advanced tools allow you to create very accurate maps and record the design process. You can also import data from the Geographic Information System (GIS) to make it possible in Google Earth.

ExpertGoogle Earth Edition is now availablefor free; all you need to do is register to get your license.

Google Earth lets you see the world from all corners by combining satellite imagery, sky photos and street view. His dynamic, complex engineer and portable images, as well as its modern application, are the best way to get a living planet, but also the sky, the moon, and even Mars.

Get to know the world thanks to Google Earth

Google Earth is a kind of interactive 3D atlas thanks to whichyou can see what (almost) appears in every corner of the world. Top cities, national parks, and even underwater, all wonders of the world are far away.

If the world is not enough for you, you can enjoy new images from Mars with quarrels between the past. The Google World search engine will help you find the location you are looking for, using everything from contacts to GPS coordinates.

Google Earth provides a lot of layout information for areas likeboundaries, roads, 3D buildings, trees, photos and weather. You can also add content to Google Earth, like photos of places you visit. Google Earth combines Street View, available on Google Maps, allowing you to move around in close proximity to some cities.

Thanks to all these features, Google Earth also allows you to create a way, measure distances, add results, forget pictures and even skip the simulator.

Travel with the mouse

Navigation on GoogleEarth is very intuitive and all you need is a mouse or screen button. You can zoom, rotate the view and travel easily around the world. To go to the virtual street view, you can start by touching the icon on the available road (shown in blue). Navigation is also excellent; It’s a simple page with a mouse. The search engine and all other options can be found in the menu on the left, which can be reduced to enjoy the view.


GoogleDunia is a great and wonderful tool to focus on our world and our environment. The graphics engine is amazing, like a huge number of places that you can visit in detail. The tables and suggested contents of the various layers are often translated. Google Earth is an important application that will take you anywhere in the world without leaving your turcouch.

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