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Instagram lets you capture photos and videos with your Android device using some special effects and sharing with friends on their social networks – or through other social networks.

Can you do somethingInstagram?

Take your photos, add custom filtersand post to the Instagrams community either through Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare or Tumblr. With the Instagram app, you can choose and give or receive comments in your photos.

InstagramHave GoFacebook feeds where you can see all your uploaded photos, people you follow, and tracklocations and bookmarks to see what’s happening. If this is not enough to know what you want, you can also search for images with usernames, names, hashtags, or locations.

The best thing about Instagram is the filters available under the project. There are 27 people who can choose(adds the latter, Reyes and Juno) with color, brightness and effect of distinct flames. If you decide wisely, you can really take advantage of it. Each of these filters can be customized through the image editor (see what’s new), which is very interesting.

Instagram also includes support for video,allowing you to spend up to 15 seconds to share through Instagram. Like photos, you can choose from the effects to apply to your videos to look great.

Instagram includes image and video messaging features called Instagram Direct, lets youcapture photos and videos and share them with friends. You can send messages via Instagram Direct to up to 15 of your lists at a time. There is also a great photo editor. It allows you to improve the image by improving features such as sharpness, warmth and light.You can also adjust the filter strength. For example, changing the filter in 1977, just double-tap to create an image setup panel.

This service is easy to use, And if you have many friends of Instagram, it may be a good choice to send multimediamessages through other services such as WhatsApp or Snapchat.

Instagram has a People section to view them so you can find interesting people to follow and collect your favorite photographic photos. You can also edit the subtitles and change your location as wellsearch faster with predicted searches.

Is the installation confused?

The Instagram application is easy to use. At the bottom there is an interface icon representing various Instagram features: photography, photography / user search, photography, news (your latest activityon your network and the people you follow) and the program settings. When viewing images in your account, you can choose to display an element or set of tiles for easy navigation.

The presentation of your own photo in the food pictures is very clear, and under each photohave shown which likes and comments. You can enjoy or comment on the photos with a single click on the icon. However, it’s a pity that you can not open a full-screen image (you can see it only in the food).

Using filters and pulling your Instagram photos is a loteasy. You can capture images through the app or choose a phone from your phone and watch a live preview of what everyone else will look like.

Join Instagram

The Instagram app makes it easy to use fun effects with your photos and share themfriends. Although it requires you to sign up to share photos, the possibilities for what you can do with your photos are extensive.

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