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Permanent 2017
Permanent 2017 Daisy torrent


Permanent 2017

There is a constant comedy for bad hair, teenagers and bad family members. This is about the permanent and serious change of lives. The barrier to survive every day. It was 1982, and Dicksons (Jim, Jeanne and Aurelie) moved (new) to a southern town where all girls longed for farms like Farrah Fawcett (to accompany them) They have a spine and beautiful love to speak and admire their hair. is a teenager who called his parents for a fixed time, (in the southknown as a result) expected a changeable knife but when they brought him from the salon to the beauty school to save money, disaster. A dull Student Decorator accidentally sets the timer for too long, and the ends end to the social life of Aurelie, which is too low, and destroy the hair. Aurelie was abandoned as a young teenager, but support, striving to treat the younger heart with some children who use CallAfro and then throws away his stuff, from epithetsto dodgeballs.

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