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The Foreigner 2017
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The Foreigner 2017

This film tells the story of the humble businessman from London when (Chan), whose long buried outbursts take a vengeful revenge, as the only person you left – her teenage daughter – is taken into a senseless act of terrorism politically motivated. In his ceaseless search for the identity of the terrorists When in a conflict of cat and mouse with a British government employee (Brosnan) you forced their own identity to pasadoPistas that the killer volatilecan contain.

During the last year, it was an unambiguous assessment of President Barack Obama’s foreign policy team during the past year in office. With unbeatable access within the White House and …

See the full summary THE LAST YEAR is an exclusive report on the foreign policy team of President Barack Obama during his last year in office. With an unrivaled access within the White House and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, THE FINAL YEAR offers oneUncompromising gaze on the internal functioning of Obama’s administration during the preparation to leave power eight years later.

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