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World Cricket Championship 2
World Cricket Championship 2 Torrent


World Cricket Championship 2

The World Cricket 2 Championship is awarded a wonderful, fun and true 3D cricket. Improve your players and teams to make personal and cricket contacts up to the top.

Competition in the Scary Scan of 3D

The World Cricket 2 Championship presents pictures and drawings that challenge challenging. There are 5 different competitions to be the pre-champion champion. The simplest feature of the picture is part of most of the animals in the game. In fact, more than100 foot motion is included. From a sharp perspective, it also has interesting interest in the voice of a sound professional to bring a good shape to the purchases. With the appearance of the player growing through exercises and training, With the injuries, and the option of using more cameras, this game is very deep experience.

The truth about the field of cricket

Awards in World Cricket 2 will appeal to a sportsman. There are many game options and perfect levels and features that you will enjoycricket. AI opponents may challenge, for those who want to play every game. Using different circuits increases the feeling of shadows in general.

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