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Wonder 2017
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Wonder 2017

Based on the most successful New York Times, WONDER tells about the amazing and moving story of August Pullman, a child of different faces, who goes to the fifth grade for the first time attending elementary school in elementary school. Based on the popular New York Times WONDER is an incredibly inspiring and moving storyAugust Pulman. Born by personal differences, which still prevented him from attending public school, Auggi becomes the most incredible characters when he is in the fifth grade. Because their family, their classmates and the whole community aspire to find their compassion and recognition, unsurpassedOggy’s journey unites everyone and proves that she can not be united when she was born to stand out.

On the Coney Island in the 1950’s, the Rescuer talks about the mid-cam operator and his squadron wife.

In the 50-year-old and almost universally accepted career, Woody Allen has been periodically refined,re-inventing and reviewing the conditions of his art, and that’s what he does with his new and daring film. We were on the island of Konin. The 1,950 Rescuer (Justin Timberlake) tells a story that simply can not leak out because of its vivid imagination: the middle-aged carousel (James Belushi) and hisThe wife of the oblation (Kate Winslet), visiting a lifetime visit to the Paseo Marítimo of the alienated daughter (Juno Temple), a situation from which the layer on the layer develops a very complicated person. Allen and his photo director, great Vittorio Steraro, who works with a wonderful release under the guidance of Winsletin spectacular and powerful performances, a fantastic and truly wonderful film.

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