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5KPlaier is a great video to play, which can be downloaded on YouTube or Dailymotion, or on the TV or AirPlai on the big screen. However, it is much easier than other media players, but it’s still fast and safe yet everything is still done. Perfect for those who want to play the video without complications.

When you want to play what you want

After opening 5KPlayer, you can easily choose this type of content. Highdefinition video (including 4 and 5), MP3 audio, DVD movies and online radio streaming. Controls are what would you expect from typical typical media, plus image control control.

Do you want to download videos from YouTube or Dailymotion? 5KPlaier can give you a dash: put the video address and a high quality application to download and save your video on your library, MP3 or AAC, to listen to only part of the audio.

AirPlai integration plugin is interestingIt is one that allows you to send video and audio to any of your connected networks to your local network or speakers. If you have an Apple TV, for example, you can say that 5KPlaier plays videos on television and vice versa (5KPlaier can also receive AirPlai’s content).

Double combination These features are window configurations, one for audio and one for images, and allows you to change things, such as brightness and color while playing video. From the others, gamesmissing

It’s easy to manage

5KPlayer maintains it from the beginning, pointing to common options and hiding everything that is not needed. This simplicity, like a desktop app application phone application, was very welcome, especially compared to the complexity of VLC.

The timing is no longer a problem, it is reproduced, downloaded and converted to videos without problems and problems. In this sense, we can say that 5KPlaier meets essential functions.

Easier than VLC,Stronger than KuickTime

You’re an Acoustic Complexity To look for an alternative standard for VLC and Mac OS Ks media players, 5KPlaier can be a great environment.

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