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Call of Duty 2
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Call of Duty 2

Call of Duty is a classic first person shooter game. Just released in 2003, is a series that has dominated the genre for years. Together with the original Medal of Honor, he defines the emergence of World War II games in the years to come. The game follows the story of soldiers,struggling with armed British-US and Soviet troops, and includes not only an infantry army, but a small number of missions on combat missions.

TheFame and the tragedy of war

Call of Duty is an exciting first-person shooter, but not just the act of acting for scenes. They are often shockeda dark vision of the complete riots and fear of the battle, especially the terrible campaigns of the Red Army’s mission. These scenes, inspired by films such as the “Enemy of the Gates”, as well as real events in the Battle of Stalingrad, caused war in a sense have achieved some other videogames.

Classic for fans of the shooter

If you are a first-person shooter, Call of Duty really deserves not only because it’s an exciting game but also because of its influence on the games later. Some items look obsolete, such as system damage and some graphics, but they still existare especially happy about the story and the fans of the war.

In the second part of the classical first-person shooter series, Dury 2’s call from Infinity Ward gives a number of exciting battles of World War II with a reichen.zur mission to defend the Battle of Moscow Stalingrad, El Alamein Battle D-Day and others.With a huge variety of realistic weapons and battlefields of World War II, this game combines breathtaking combat scenes with a fast-paced gameplay battle. Most missions include infantry battles, but there are several scenes in tanks battle.

Behind the enemy lines

Call of Duty 2 is highly influentialshooter so fans of the genre will know that many of their ideas, including simple weapons and weapon mechanics. The dark, realistic atmosphere is admirable. Heroes support provides dramatic contexts as well as useful information on battlefields. Despite the fact,that he is familiar with the World War II shooter – actually one of the latest entries in the genre – it has a diverse array of missions including a sniper challenge, desperate battles, and the defense of the body against overwhelming odds,

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Lady Gaga is a fan ofthe first-person genre, a shooter that is not yet a classic battlefield, is well worth it. Some of the graphics look dated, but the combat mechanics remain fresh. The game also offers multiplayer action, although as a classic game it does not have much of onlinecommunity.

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