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Stronger 2017
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Stronger 2017

Strongly inspired by the real story of ordinary Dzheff Bouman, who captured the heart of the city and the world, to become a symbol of hope of following the explosion at the Boston Marathon in 2013. Jake Zhillenhol playJeff, a rabotnikyaki 27-year-old Bosnian marathon to try to win the ex-girlfriend Erin (Tatiana River). Waiting for the finish line at the time of the explosion, he lost both of his legs in the attack. After returning consciously at the hospital,Jeff sposobenza, to help organamvyznachyts the law enforcement of one of the bombs, but his own fight has begun but it takes the month of unwavering recovery of the physical and psychological support of Erin and his family.Jeffs is deeply personal about a heroic way, who has experienced family relationships, has honored the community, and inspired his courage to overcome evil and to speak. Full of raw,Humor and humor, more in the true story of inspiration for a man who has become a living embodiment of strong naBostan. Orchestra taksamavyluchats film nominee Miranda Richardson and directed by David Gordon Green.

The strong that inspires real lifeDzheff Bouman, who won the hearts of the city and the world, to become a symbol of hope after surviving the bambozhtsy Boston Marathon.

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