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SketchUp Make 2015
SketchUp Make 2015 Torrent


SketchUp Make 2015

SketchUp has a tendency to expensive software 3D modeling, as 3DSMax and Cinema4D, and offers a convenient option that allows you to post your work on Google Earth for the world to see.

Refreshing easy way

This is not just talk iaithSketchUp and tips and recommendationshelp you catch the “wrap” when you draw rectangles, circles and other shapes. Sketch reflects where you want to meet and close to you, to count down for a few hours.

nyaSketchUp effective at work while it is easy to use and contains a set ofAll tools and equipment that you need, in the toolbar on the screen. Teacher offers are on the right, if you think you need.

You can find other options in the menu system, you can choose to install or special palette in the workplace,to save wading through menus. Particularly device “material”, which has more than 100 different places, e.g., plants, metals and gwydr.Mae’r form palettes are also useful in the arm, because it allows the use of realistic colors to the slider.

Google Earth and Maps integration

the real funwhen exporting lluniadauEich SketchUp in Google Earth. You can submit your design 3D-image by e-mail or upload them to store on the Google Web Store for free 3D. On the other hand, you can stay with them in a single step away from him ddefnyddioGoogle Maps, integrated with Sketchup. you ostsNamalyavanylocation when you add to your plan is improved, including 3D-terrain data, and a color image of the image.

There are some problemauMae SketchUp. This is most evident when you try to build a playground, because the push / pull hardware is difficult, although the shot putand typing easier. Being free, it is still definitely lose some features heavier competitors datblygedigEi.

Design and 3D modeling to the masses

SketchUp an easy new way to 3D-image design and modeling and is an ideal rashennemdlya professionals who are notdechnoleg.CAD.

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