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Win 10 build
Win 10 build Portable Torrent


Win 10 build

Win 10 build 10240 RTM Enterprise Pro (x64) – (EU)

Thanks: Escrow @ fbl amazing

Status: RTM Signal Released After Production and OEM Partners of Microsoft (July 15th)

RTM SignOff Programming:

07/15/01 – start

07/15/06 – rtm1

15/07/09 – rtm2 WPC

07/15/16 – rtm3

07/15/15 – deadline1

07/05/15 – deadline RTM gold

Includes the new keys and the KMS KEy + example for activation in the file.

If you want to enable important issues, I recommend using Microsoft Toolkit with AdministratorRealButNot included in this torrent.

Each building is dated July 10, 2015.

Boat = Accept

Update = Accept

These ISO DVDs are restored from original ESD files.

In order of operation of 100%

It is not homebrew and there is no LP version at all.

Enjoy and sow the time you can, please.


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