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Left 4 Dead
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Left 4 Dead

Left 4 Dead 2 is a first person shooter, action packed for multiplayer, where you have to survive a zombie-apocalypse in a series of episodes like in the cinema.

For the uninitiated first Left 4 Dead, survival horror Resident Evil, and in the world of zombies, “28 days later.” Zombies, or infected “in Left 4 Dead 2 of this articleNot a monster that’s a stream, a giant stream. These animals are moving fast beweegna you when they see or hear you. The formula IniSekuel promised to build it with new weapons, scriptsand a new zombie!

At that time, 4 Dead 2 you can have a campaign called “Parish” or a single player (with three satellitesAI), or play online combat four players to survive together. The latter gives a more dynamic game, but also from the left 4Dooie 2 a lot of mood, pressure and, of course, blood and brutal, as someone wants!

Nobody plays the same thing, and doing repetitive games is very interesting. You know where you are going, but you do notYou can predict what happens to Left 4 Dead. It’s more clear for many users, and it’s really a better experience.

This is the lyksoos Left 4 Dead 2 to strengthen its expertise in the Resident Evil series, which was long and cruel – these are various fast moving and very devious zombies. Not at all, there are times when the horde of zombiesRushing to you, ituSalah is one of the deepest creations of adrenaline, in the history of the game.

This is a great demonstration of what looks like a continuation of the big and fast. There is little criticism if you do not make a houwat offer. Resident Evil has a more intense relationship, and the story of Left 4 Dead 2 is not the thinnest butThis is not what this game is.

Great co-op multiplayer, adrenaline-filled bloody game and people rushing hordes of zombies: Left 4 Dead2 is incredible.

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