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SHAREit 3.5
SHAREit 3.5 Windows 7/8/10 torrent


SHAREit 3.5

You can transfer files with ShareIt of different devices, such as mobile phones, tablets and computers. Wi-Fi direct connection with files ShareIt, can pictures, videos, and applications from a single device will be sent to the other. If it works, it’s cold, but if it does not work, there is no particular reason, not to try again.

Send photos, videos, applications, and more

The main feature ShareITperadachy files between people, without having to use cloud storage. You can share files, pictures, videos,local music, documents and cheisiadauo one device to another. No matter what platform you use, because ShareIt communicate only with other devices include ShareIt.

It does not transmit data for total Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. Instead, it creates a wireless connection directly to planamda five devices, such as a small network. Once they are connected to another device, the files can be sent and received. You can also clone the device and sends itcontent to another device.

ShareIt best part, it’s multi-platform, including Windows PC.

It does not always work

amcreu multiplatform, also causes problems for ShareIt, because you need to solve the connection of various devices. By ShareIt any connection used by Bluetooth or Wi-Fi network, it must be connected directly to another device. This means that the access point to connect ddyfaiscreu other devices.

DasApp also explains what you need to configureWi-Fi. In the settings menu tamVaryyanty “in favor of hot spots” when sending or receiving, but never mention the app that the device creates hot spots for rhannudata. ShareIt also buggy. My first attempt to transfer files, the application would cause freezing. Both devices must be restarted for the transfer of work ShareIt.

If ShareIt works, it’s fast. quickly transfer images. The video was seen by the state ÜbertragungsgeschwindigkeitUndRynak anwastadamser frozen.Upon completion of file transfer, the application disables the wireless connection and return to the parent compound. This means if you want to share other file, you have to go through the steps of start-up and re-connect to the access point.

allweddolgyda ShareIt problem, he argues, is easy to use, but it really is kind of confusing to syarednyagaKarystalnik.

We need more polish

Shares esHat potential to be useful, but the lack of instructions and explanationsto do take care to use. there hefyddiffyg polish and intuitive. Closing the access point connection makes sense, but return to these steps to start other equipment, it is annoying.

getashmat easiest ways to transfer files and photos. ShareIt good for video, but it depends on how fawrffeil.

ShareIt promises ease of use, but not so long you want to transfer files to meet the target, try to hit a bullet.

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