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IMVU 526.6
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IMVU 526.6

IMVU is an original instant messaging tool that allows you to chat in 3D environments with people from all over the world, rather than standard, just text chat conversations, and we’re familiar.

At IMVU your personality is not represented by a simple nick: it is a 3D character entirely to three parties, your Sims style can customize it in a variety of ways: skin color, hairstyle, clothing, pet, action and animation, etc.

Hivyokipekee because it sounds, the IMVU worksJust like any rhythm ande customer. You can start by registering an account on this program’s website, selecting your avatar and adjusting its appearance. Then closes easily with the Internet, find people talking to a private room or in one of the public chat rooms.

Interactive chat

Yakuzungumza, IMVU also performs certain actions with your avatar. Just click with one mouse button to sign and open the menu and all options, classified to someCategory: movement, feeling, expression and more. IMVU also has a credit system enabled to get new clothes for your avatar and customize the look of your hair, eyes and more.

IMVU is niundeniably very original in some aspects. But this originality sometimes makes it a bit confusing. For example, the conversation is difficult to follow the IMVU speech finally ends up after speaking in a text box like any other IMKlient. Also moving around 3D space isDifficult and sometimes disappointing as it can be very slow, depending on the Internet connection.

IMVU is an original IM subscriber that allows you to meet people, chat and create friends in a very detailed 3D environment.

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