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Blind 2017
Blind 2017 Spanish 480p download torrent


Blind 2017

The author, a blind man in a traffic accident in which he lost his wife, again shows his passion for life and writing, when he begins to deal with the neglected wife of the accused businessman. Biological Auckland author Bil loses his wife and his appearance is malicious in a crash five years ago by the BaadSocial Susan Holanđanin read the bill in the neighboring room three times a week only information related to the husband’s insider trading. They love a passionate affair, compels them to obligeChicipation in getting a queliupendo. But when people Suzan comes from a technical perspective,She is compelled to choose between the man she loves and the man with whom life was built.

Hassan Balun’s parents died when he was young. Now he grew up, returned from abroad, and returned to his Niumbanikia in Taiping in consideration of the funds of his late father, in particular his father’s gentleman’s gentlemanSemanu. When he returned to the village, as the son of Hravtsia, the disgusting farmers, and many consider him a father. Mr. Semana shocked to find out the quarry Hasan is still alive, instead of firing their parents. Only Ein, the daughter of a major accident, realizes the truth lies in the death of Hassan’s parents, soThat she decides to help him solve his problem.


Second, P13

Information JumlaTarehe Release: August 17, 2017

Type: Action

Time: 1 hour 29 minutes

Distributor: imperial film

Cast: Beto Kuseir, IzaraAisha, Eizlan Iusof, REENO Rahim

Director Bob Sing

Format: P2

Votes good: 49 Votes bad: 2
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