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Autodesk 123D Beta
Autodesk 123D Beta Download


Autodesk 123D Beta

Autodesk 123D is designed for 3D modeling and menus to keep in mind the interests of a CAD package. It has been like Trimble SketchUp and Autodesk based on Inventor.

Good starting point

If they are just starting or starting with CAD and 3D modeling, Autodesk 123D will help you get your blocks. Package allows Basic drawing and modeling capabilities to be developed by providing ready-made objects and storage units. But do not let the suite nieDie fool with the simple nature, that is,It’s a great start, though. If you have played with the 3D tool, you realize that it is not lighter than the 123D. And it’s not as safe as other modern channels (it’s not for obvious reasons), a significant majority of tools are still required for 3D printing enthusiasts.


Autodesk 123D includes basic and intuitive GUI (GUI), added or gereedskapafdelingIs far away from user focus focus. The layout part is the bulk of the space. Icons toolkit also considerThis user is designed to keep you started. The icon clearly indicates the specific gereedskapfunksionaliteit.123D Peretyahuvannyavydalyty traditional collect and choose a mouse rather than a convenient and quick click on the place. However, drag and drop available later on the mechanism to clarify the position of the parts, if it is happy.

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