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Lego Marvel Super Heroes 1
Lego Marvel Super Heroes 1 FastDL download


Lego Marvel Super Heroes 1

Lego Marvel Super Heroes is all Marvel Heroes fans may wish. The last name of the fairy tales Traveler is a fun game that allows you to achieve the perfect balance between the world of comics and small yellow numbers.

Construction and deconstruction of adventure

The main method of Marvel Super HeroesIs the history mode inLego, which is well knownby playersof normal Lego games. In it you move the scenarios of closing the wideones correctly, and you advance through ddatrysposau and killed enemies. If you canalso collect items and other foreign objects along the way, enjoy the unexpected thenyou’ll.

UnlikeFrom other Lego games, in which, despite the low level of complexity, you only think, sometimeshave to reach the next stage, in the Marvel super heroes of Lego, the way forward will be clearlylaid properly. The game tells you, almost all the time, what to do for the next one using messages (“You shouldBe cut through the door of a largecharacter to this “) or indeed the obviousindicatorsmegis” spider feeling “Spider-Man.

Despitethe simplicity, the game is very interesting, because each step is very well planned with completely destructible classical scenarios and resources for accessing variousAreas.

In addition, the levels of classicrepetition that will allow you to unlock the personages or new areas, highlights another open world where you can reach includean short trips or just get a chance to explore the city with your favorite characters.

Marvel heroes remain true to their roots

SuccessMost Marvel Super Lego Heroes as TravelersTales essentially managed to put all the cartoon characterin form the Alego doll. Each power of each symbol will be shown to be very successful: they are very similar to comic book heroes and, in turn, are adapted to the typical mechanics of these games.

For example,The transformation of Hulkcan Bruce Banner into and isvice, and his destructive power is above average; Spider-Man has various ways in which he canuse her web, and the Black Widow, and also be skilled at fighting, the “planner” team and one thatcansolvepuzzles.

When of course, all these forces are illustrated with a feelingHumor, Lego’sgreat, but a sense of humor, which also respects the characterization of each character in comics and films.

Spectacular, but smaller than before

The graphics engine is Lego gamesshows its age. What it seemed to us, several years ago is no longer limited just impressive.But you need more mental play for all ages?

The Marvel characters are only meant to be good in terms of their powers, but their physical similaritieswith the originals are also different. Other physical symbols, such as the villains Galactus or The Sandman, offer some of the most excitingMoments of Lego Marvel Super Heroes in.

The path in which New York was recreated is also amazing, and serves as a scenario the world is open. If you’ve ever walked through the city of skyscrapers, you will be able to recognize some of the famous sights and buildings, every transformation,Of course, in the style of Lego.

The sound guys have also done a good job, with moreacceptable ones (although I still use Lego undubbed games), and the soundtrack that draws on the themes compiled for the safe $ different films are struck by the stable ones.

Fun the first class

TravelersTales did it again: they took a very popular franchise and successfully transformed into Lego, resulting in a very entertaining game.

It may be that the Lego Marvel Super Heroes game is a very difficult task, but respect is shown by surprise, a sense of humor, and a lot of charactersAnd levels makes it perfectfor entertainment games, we waethbeth your age or work skills with controls.

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