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Binding Souls 2017
Binding Souls 2017 Ceedy Download Full Movie Torrent


Binding Souls 2017

His dissertation research students SoulsFür binding story of the five most famous colleges, which were once used as the laboratory of Japanese military forces during World War II. For years, there were countless opportunities Flowing: Do note is to be feared amidst the faculties of the heavenly plan of urban myths at universities and students. The College, a Lord, and the teachers and students of theGroup study showed Miss Fong campus. When the Japanese Army College Museum saw suntarchivessa, excited, it was for the investigation of the work of. As regards the former case is under discussion between the archives you will see the diary of the disciple, the particular ones among them, who have been in his own hands matching each other in the colleges, in addition to Which is the mysterious disappearance of a student.

Language: Spanish / Cantonese


General Release Date: February 14, 2017

Genre: Horror

Duration: Not available

Dispenser Entertainment Ram

Starring: Kara Hui, CartasChan Shum Angels Sing Shelby

Director: Chan Chun Pang

Type: 2D

Votes good: 10 Votes bad: 4
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