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Prince of Persia 3D
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Prince of Persia 3D

The Prince of Persia 3D is a strategy game with three-dimensional graphics for Windows computers.

If the computer games back in a happy feeling of nostalgia for you, I do not see anymore. Now you can play the third installment in the popular series Prince Persiadan experience the golden era of computerGames.

The Prince of Persia 3D is the third installment in the popular game for PC and video consoles. Released in 1999, ten years after the release of the original game, the Prince of Persia 3D scenes vkluchuvaAkcijadanstrategies for creating engagement, interactive Role Playing Game (RPG).

The Prince of Persia3D begins with your character, the Prince of Persia and the Sultan from a visit to the Sultan’s relatives. Soon, the sultan’s brother, Assan, will set up a trap for them. From there, the story develops with customers who tried to escape and expose Asan scamDemonstrated through a series of puzzles and action sequences.

Terkesanefek hardcore gamers could sound either the Persian of Persia in 3D graphics, especially when compared to games that have come in the last few years.

Old fans of older games on a computer are likely toIs eating the classic story of the Prince of Persia 3D and strategisgame while newer players can easily emerge from the blockcionata graphics.

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