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Nt Live: Yerma 2017
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Nt Live: Yerma 2017

Strange Billi Payper returns to the role of awards. Young woman moves unthinkable his desperate desire to have a child in the production of radical Lorcas powerful masterpiece Simon Stones. The phenomenon of the theater, which is not considered to be acquired in the Young Vic and krytykavsklikats extraordinary theatrical successes and stunning,burning, # 39; Leading Billy pipers embodiment described as an exciting, strange and destructive № 39; Located in a modern London, Pipers Aang representation of women in the thirty-three years of desperate thinking that budynakelement in amazing shocking denouement. Please note that the transfer ofdo not break.

The story is told, but never like this. Occupied the country in the desert. Radical hunger strike. mladmisteriozna dance woman change the course of the world. charged raskrytstsostav bible loss, put the girl we call Salom in the middle of the revolution.

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