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Big Brother S19E12
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Big Brother S19E12

The big brother, who started in the summer of 2000, became an annual tradition for fans; Every summer (except for the winter edition in 2008), the audience turns to the new HouseGuests, new challenges and new expelled! Here’s how it works: every week the head domakjinstvopredizvik, where all the players competeFor power in the house. Then, the NON appoint two other HouseGuests eviction. A few days later held a contest for the right of veto, where six players (NON, nominees, and three guests) are trying to get the golden veto power of the holder of the koedava right “veto” or to cancel one of the NON nominations, forcing NONAAppoint someone else (except Veto Medium) for eviction. Then the expulsion of weekly live HouseGuests to vote to evict someone from home forever. Along the way passes natprevariza food (which, HouseGuests if not win, brings them to eat “suck” during the week) and the occasional luxury of competition,All this leads to the final of the show, where a group of jury secretaries voted the winner, who receives half a million dollars! Big Brother 14 will include 16 guests, as of which 4 sevrakjaat the previous season. Guests 4 will be mentoring teams of 3 people. The coach of each team returnsHome if the whole team returned home. The BB16 has 2 HOH x. Each NON receives 2 nominations, which then compete in teams in a challenge called Battle for the blok.Pobednichkata a couple nominated earns security, since takaDetrontt Hoh, who install, leaving HOH as possibleCandidate replacement. PP is still there, so now there are 2 chances to have a candidate

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