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Unturned 3.17
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Unturned 3.17

Day-Z offers despair, wrapped in a retro-visual style of Minecraft, an invincible zombie survival game for people who prefer a little pampering to their death.

Block attack

Although his style is quiet, may your first thoughts wander through the production of the popular game, inunturned borrowed much more day-Z. You are driven in situatsyyushto well that upcoming zombie attack. Untitled AndaGaya nice hair bar, you need to explore the world, looking for supplies, transportation and weapons.

Despite theFact that the server multiplayersoms makes it possible to meet other people while playing the game card, more often than not the only creatures that will be your face will be undead. Therefore, you need to use stealth and survive the padstup cabinet as long as you’re ready to fight at the front.

Knock Blockhun

Unturned using standard FPS controls. WASDGerakan guided test, while the movement saves lives, duck and crawl all easily bound around them. Shooter elements are also knownWith controlled orientation rat feels very natural, unparalleled of the world.

Should you not have all the equipment to start with, it’s up to you to explore the world, to fill your backpack to battle. This is probably the game is a flagrant issue. Once the zombies have seen (even that could crawl alone), it gives an almost insurmountable chase that always looks right behind you – even if you’re in the car.

It makes you walk all over the world to search for items vdapamozhaYour fight, unfortunately, targeting elements are a bit hit and (much) lost. The result of this situation is annoying situation in which you are doing doing well just overtaking your inability to get a weapon or ammunition that you can keep alive.

Stumbling block

Although Minecraft simplified view neglected prapanovumnogiya scalable options to give the user a set of engine power, to enjoy the open-world action. This allows you to measure the distance of the lottery, add moreWater effects, shadows, lighting and focus, all combine to give a beautiful view of the world famous indoors. In fact, it should be noted that any visual settings you enter at night, you will not see almost nothing.

Knock the block combs

Unturned free enjoyable experience that balances the frustration of his world with a happy look and style. Despite the fact that some minor interface problems can occur, there is a reason to try and notSurvive the dangerous zombies.

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