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Mozilla Firefox Beta 9
Mozilla Firefox Beta 9 FastDL download torrent


Mozilla Firefox Beta 9

Another day, another Firefox Beta. While Mozilla is engaged in new web applications Mozilla Marketplace for your browser, it has not yet begun. Of the 19 version of Firefox Beta, users can expect performance improvements and some changes under the hood for developers.

FirefoxBeta adds a built-in browserPDF, not to rely on the field. Another big update is that Firefox URL bar will offer to reset the default provider for search if third stranaPromeni it.

Small improvements vklyuchayutshvydshe at startup, sothat the browser to open faster. Developers also have new featuresa debugger supports pause exception remote web console can communicate with Firefox for Android or Firefox OS and debugger add-ons.

Not FirefoxBeta adds many important functions, but remains constant development of the browser.

For the stable version of Firefox, press.


Detailedinformation on this update, please check here:

This version FirefoxTse very old and not recommended for routine use. If you want to download the standard versionof Firefox, please click here.

Mozilla Firefox bring some new features to this already excellent web browser.

Firstly,MozillaFirefox 3 interface is now much easier to set up. This version offers seamless integratsiyaS Personas, Mozilla theme gallery for Firefox, which lets you apply new themes in Firefox browser with the mouse. Also, you can check before brauzerzastosovuvaty them just by pointingover the name of the theme.

Another impressive new feature in Mozilla Firefox 3 is built-in support for viewingvideos in full screen mode if they have the tag “video” in HTML5. Simply right-myshiv video mode and select «Full Screen» zavartiteBrauzara for him with the media player. Exceptaddition, Mozilla Firefox 3 has launched a new online service called Plugin Check, which allows you to check for new updates for plugins is great, especially if you are used to Mozilla Firefox 3 addon like me!

Regarding efficiency and stability, the new Mozilla Firefox 3 includes the latest versionGecko engine and improve the performanceof Java. These two elements are designed to provide faster web browsing, which is its nayslabshymmyastoKasno. While I have not tested the final version of a long time, I have to say that the use of beta and release candidatefor some time and I am quite happy with the reaction of the program.

Overall, the new features included in Mozilla Firefox 3 maynot as much as exciting as the other versions, but they provide the best user experience in terms of convenience and ease of use, personalizationand performance.

MozillaFirefox 3 keeps continuous development and added interesnoNovimozhlyvosti and improvements in the latest version.


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