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ImgBurn 2.5
ImgBurn 2.5 Torrent


ImgBurn 2.5

ImgBurn is a CD ultra- light weight / DVD / HD / DVD and Blu-Ray application that everyone should have in their toolkit wounds.

Burning image is one of the fastest and most efficient to save large amounts of data or DVDCD, make poskolkuoni users can download large amounts of data in documents relatively small. Moreover, it is immediately ready for DVD or disk burning.

ImgBurn many modes ”, with each of them to perform various tasks.These include reading, chitayuschiydisk to image files; Assembly, created a document image files on your computer or network; Sign the paper image to tag and check whether a certificate100% said the plate.

In the end, you can make sure the information is correct by asking ImgBurn to compare your disk image file. Finally, ImgBurn also includes Discovery makes your driving test to find out what kind of speed and disk types it can support.

Keep in mind that if youispytyvaetekakie a burning issue, you may find that your drive is not fast enough to handle the settings you have arranged ImgBurn. Or if you’re using the wrong type of disc.

Burner ImgBurn is a light weight and powerful requiresbolshogoopyta, but be sure all your images are burned in the Flash.


Published: Additional information (service name and version of the driver for the dyskakantralory) to “tree.”

It added:”Podderzhivayutsyaskorosti reading” to read / verify the information format text.

Added: A series record (with DVD-RAM / HD DVD-RAM recording / BD-RE) that shows the situation now is “material handling defect” on the plate.When the movement would “normally”, will take longer to burn a disc due to automatically “check after writing” process.

Add the ability to use the system default.If no match is found mozhamozhna (document translation is missing folder language), it will try chastichnoesovpadenie.

Add the ability to perform functions Liteon SmartErase.

Add Show “center” under”Data Disk” What message – it is easy to find and always available under the same title.

Add: Vozmozhnostperevoda image size / plate on the new “OVERBURN / cut.”

Add / Change: When reading datasubchannel Q fails, the program tries to read data subchannel RAW (and deinterlacing to poluchitQ) instead.

Add / Change ability to include “Save the ImgBurn entries» Paper Association progid any file extension at the beginning of this- before the default.

Changes when you change elements driving paneDLE (in Vista +), the current exclusion file extensions from selected ancient.

Fashion rename items in the windowpane DLE Explorer is now also available through the “normal” with one click vybrannomelemente (just press F2).

Fashion default size of the buffer I / O is. (Lower than 1 GB RAM = 20MB, less than 2 GB of RAM = 40MB, everything else= 80MB)

Change: If the drive fails to read a block of sectors read / model verification, programmateper be wrong, he returned before reading them adinadin (to the error the original registration).

FashionMessageBox restored with the original / questions overburn when rezhimahsborki / Discovery.

Fashion split the DVD / HD DVD / BD Video files read different labels to get a dose of their own, and not all of them are the same,See DVD video.

Change: Tweaked some code to generate a volume deals include DVD / HD DVD / BD video.

Change / Fixed: When creating documents CCD image is included, the sector will be transformed PreGap /Add “Index 0” sectors and companies into IMG files.

Change / fixed the problem for some vypuskakontura infinite virtual disk caused false information to be sent to the command «SUB feedRead “.

Edit / Options: Autoload «Auto Stop On Error» does not extend to reading mode.

Change / Fixed: problem for him (LG) dyskavshto to “field incorrect CDB», rather than “field incorrect list parameter”In response to certain commands.

Fixed: how to return to overflow Default «Overburn».

Accurate creating files if Eton MGS should be.

Solution: When the number of copies needed for display(Eyebrow in the box), which is currently burned all to raise the value shown in the progress window.

Fixed: razborumetadadenyya WAV files.

Solution: When clicking on a link in the fieldIn e-mail (and “OK” on line) does not run default e-mail client, as it should be (it did not).

Fixed problem with long straight start svyazannyes one error 0x3002 ‘prompt will be displayed and protected open/ Save dialog window under XP (and probably old OS).

Edit: false positives potential BCD code detected in RAW TOC returned from a CD.

Solution: When reading from “advanced mode” drive4k (physical and logical) sector, the program may appear error (? Parameter is incorrect) at the end of the operation wounds / test. Click «Retry» will allow him to successfully complete, though.

Solution:Read / verification forms they eksportadannym the file name specified using CLI.

Solution: Latest figures MCN CD is wrong.

Solution: accident potential when displaying “” pereprozhigatdyyalog in the Assembly.

Solution:Accident potential when options “Optimize for file Dark” opens.

ImgBurn supports the following formats

BIN, NRG, ISO, CDI, CDR, DVD, gas and condensate field, GI, img, LST, MDS, PPD, the UDI

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