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Angry Birds Rio Demo 2
Angry Birds Rio Demo 2 Torrent Download


Angry Birds Rio Demo 2

If you want Angry Birds, which you will like Angry Birds Rio, in a new phase of the game that has seen angry chicks for Brazil!

Help the birds escape

Angry Birds Rio follows the same set as the original game, but this time to save angry chickens their family is trapped, closedIn cages and Rio de Janeiro. Your task is to help escape the birds by bombing pools and skip all obstacles in zaonjia, including soft – but worse – marmosets!

Similar but different

Angry Birds Rio is the same as the original, but as we saw, because only a simple oneIdea, do not make it less intoxicating makeup. If you like the first, you will love the taste of the tropical and bright colors of Angry Birds Rio when the famous game means you will have to fly and knarsdeur the pool before you know it.

Carnival style

Angry Birds Rio brings a dose of color and interest to already knowLove the game.

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