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Kodi 17.1
Kodi 17.1 32bit puchee Torrent Download


Kodi 17.1

Cody wants to entertain

Codes generated by means love. This entertainment center, all your digital media in one convenient and beautiful package brings. It is 100% free and open source, fully customizable and works on a wide range of devices. It is supporteda dedicated team of volunteers and great community.

Cody (formerly XBMC) is open and free allocated (LPG) software Media Player and Entertainment Center, which can be on Linuxvstanovleno, OSX, Android and WindowsIOS user interface 10 feet for use with televisionand remote controls.

Codes can do that for me?

This allows users to play and see that most of the videos, music, podcasts and other digital media files from the media and the local network and the Internet.

Disclaimer: No Codes do not offer themselvesCommunication. Users must provide their own content or manually specifying codes online services of third osib.projectKodi not support video content free.


Codes podexogar music including MP3, FLAC, WAV and WMA. Ten blade tips, support for reading tags and smart playlists for complete controlover your music collection.


Codes can shoot movies! Supports major video formats, including online streaming media codes can import, view and play your movie collection with ease.


Type Library TV episode and prypravytyplakaty or banners,using tags show description and actors. Great for tracking progress.


importaciónimaxes library and a number of different points of view, to start understanding the type or filtered using a remote control.


Codes can watch or record TV programswere living a simple to use interface. It works with several popular engines, including media portal, MythTV, NextPVR, Tvheadend and many other.


KodyDozvolyaye whole look can completely change the interface skin. We have no doubt that you will find something that suitsyour taste (or night cream).


Opodo real Kodi comes with a wide selection of supplements created user. There are a complement to popular Web services, applications and scripts. See now.

Web interfaces:

Interaction with Cody using an external interface based on formatJSON RPC.Dit brings many possibilities for remote control, browsers and tools Cody 3 to take to the next level.

Remote control:

With support hundreds of remote controls, TVs compatible with CEC compliant, or one of the new smartphones and tabletasApps Codesallows you to control your media path.


Links include important information in a text file.

Installation and Cody fantastic supplement is one of the best things you ever do,

Good luck!

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