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Google Drive 1
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Google Drive 1

Google Drive is a cloud storage and file management program. You can download Google Drive for Windows, which allows you to synchronize files from your desktop and upload it.

Previously, Google had a range of services that were joined together. Google Drive now has announced that samlarHati Google, Google and cloud storage services in one.

aGmail and Google still is separated from the vehicle, Google Docs was renamed demHinzufügen drive with 5 GB of free online storage. Like Dropbox,adds a shortcut to Windows Explorer, so you can drag and drop files.

Once added, is uploaded yakoonline account. Any type of file can be put on, and then currently available for Android or available online. integracijaChuvanje document allows working with major assets such as images and video.

Friends can comment on and rate jambokuhamishwa social interaction. Driving is similar to other cloud storage service, but extra connections per accountyour Google makes the system exceptionally easy to use. You can buy more space for more storage space if necessary.

GoogleDiskIna lot of potential, but there is still room for improvement.

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