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AnonymoX 2.4
AnonymoX 2.4 32/64 Bit update download


AnonymoX 2.4

AnonymoX Firefox add-on that is quick and anonymous access to you at the click of a button.

If you are worried about online privacy, anonymoX is a good choice. When enabled, you can select random IP, delete cookies and your IP to the public, with a focus on all of them, to make life a little more secure online.

Many IP and by obscuring the problem is that they set sail rumituntuk and seriously slow down. Orainerraza anonymoX.Ini not install the add-on, and automatically enable the”Identity” random. Click on the icon next to the address bar anonymoX, identity may then be able to choose from a list of specific, IP US, including Europe and Asia.

AnonymoX step further when you want to remove cookies, the site helps to go through ataumengubah identity, prevent the website to recognize you. The application also allows aldatzekoTor between its services, you can turn on and add to the bottom bar anonymoX information, your identity while you are connected to, and IP are being seen in public.Click this information will allow you to change.

AnonymoX service is good, but not very flexible. Interface configuration Cukupterbatas what you see, but that means, of course choices, the service is very easy to use. Using the majority of identity, find duguanonymoXUntuk be fast enough, but, as usual, some local slower than others, in particular, the choice of the United States.

If you find unusual and rarely used when Firefox Hide IP, anonymoXIt is a good free option. You can always re-upgradeke premium service, but a little more accurate if you look at the anonymous and / or can be configured, we recommend that you look elsewhere.

free, anonymous temporary, anonymoX ForFirefox is a great tool and easy to use.

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