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Wise Care 365
Wise Care 365 update Torrent


Wise Care 365

Wise Care 365 Pro Build 441 + Keygen

Wise Care 365 is a collection of important registry, disk and other ancillary services to your computer. Easy to use and effective, Wise Care 365 is the best solution to improve the performance of your computer. Get Wise Care 365 and your ordenadornunca be slow again!


Click on a check computer

Speed ​​up your computer clean

Hardware Inventory


protection system in real time


brzinapobrzothe boot speed

Free DriveRuang more


Premium Support

Protect your system in real time

Take action immediately after the application attempts to make changes without your permission. This armor can identify and stop the processes that are quietly changing the Windows registry.

Preventing Internet program Explorerpara change your homepage

Prevent unwanted applications on new additions to the Windows startup

changespreventing prebaruvachotstandardno

Cleaning complete computer

BijaksanaCare 365 is clearly the preferred option for Windows users who want to keep their Windows millónsPC at peak performance. Excludes entries Windows registry is not true and clean unnecessary files, download history, browsing history, invalid shortcuts, features, cache, cookies, passwords, components and Windows files with certain extensions – which allows Windowssistemaworks faster and freeing up valuable space teshkopovekje disc also has a second option of customized cleaning for advanced users.

Ideally the system faster DuniaAlat

Wise Care 365 brings cutting-edge technology in the world. the optimization of PC performance, disk defragmentation and Windows registry, manage processes and services start.

Over time, the hard drive and your computer’s registry is confusing. Wise Care 365 will defragment your hard drive and registryto be set so that kompjuterMozhete prazomáis faster and more stable. You will be amazed at the speed that lights defragmentation.

Many programs are running silently in BackgroundToday turn on the computer. Wise Care 365 helps to disable unnecessary programs that consume your valuable system resources and improve the speed of arranqueordenador.

His final computer Privacy Protector

Wise Care 365 protects your eye silencing computer privacy.

privacyEraser remove all traces of computer rabotasekoj as browsing history and files accessed, to make any ordenadoroperación remain confidential.

erase hard to avoid data provided by third parties excluded.

DiskShredder completely remove the files can not be recovered.

utility monitoring system hardware and powerful

monitoring system displays all information esenciaispara your computer.

process monitor provides userscrisp and clear list of all processes rabotatod by the User and the system, the User can disable the process that they have to make a career of computer smoother.

Review on hardware Rapido offers users detailed information about all the major hardware components, allowing users mengetahuiTentang your computer a snap.

perfect platform for mutual assistance in PC Problems

Help section wise Wise Care 365 is a communityto help each other and compartirproblemas ZAPCO knowledge. Users can ask questions about your computer, while experts and other users with the knowledge, experience, or relevant engineering would address these issues. Wise Care 365 to accommodate millions of users around the world, users can get the solution faster and better. It is a relationship expert and antaraPengguna to find quick solutions and best computer problems.



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