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Shadow Fight 2
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Shadow Fight 2

The struggle against the Shadow 2 is a game that lets you fight against opponents one by one. Street Fighter is a lame version of the game as well as in-app purchases for free, we hope to play in today’s mobile phones will feel like.

slowing down the roll

Or fighting and fighting perjuanganBayangan 2 break a decent combat system. First, the struggle, it is very slow compared to fighting games like Tekken and Mortal Kombat you will see.

Slow fighting is wrong, but your enemiesThey plan your attack carefully and see what you need to improve bermain.Anda. Mashing buttons do not work well in the shade of 2 matches.

Forget the game as well. The developers are trying to string together some semblance of a story, but it does not masalah.Ambil against you.

Each award against your own coins and defeating enemies, you’ll get more coins to attract forestiloa float and long struggle. These coins can be used in new clothes, weapons, and other items in the game to buy. popularcurrency you need to open a particular item.

Zain. Against. Wait again.

Against the shadows only positive 2 Simple control buttons – punch and kick. Stick a new movement toward combining the two buttons.

The biggest problem with the size of the fight in each energimenghabiskannya shadow fight 2. You fill out the same material as real money dezakeedo wait for refill.

Shadow Fight 2 is one of the best rounds remain in the area of ​​travel means that it is not something to sitand if you want to play all night. To do this many games, however, the cash is not available for download in the game for many applications pembeliandi feel like the fastest time.

A decent time waster

Against Shadows 2 is worth a try if you have a simple fighting game to throw a few now and kemudian.Namun baduminuturo, the gameplay is not attractive enough to keep me coming back.

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