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FIFA 11.2
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FIFA 11.2

FIFA 11 is the latest installment of the popular EA series of football games. It includes a number of important improvements in FIFA 10, which makes it an incredibly realistic imitation of a real thing and a worthy competitor Pro Evolution Soccer 2011th

After I was blown out in a previous version of FIFA,That it’s hard to imagine how this could improve his EA Sim football smooth. But after a few gemauy demo versions, it’s clear that only cosmetic changes.


Will expand the gameplay FIFA 11 feels much more like real football. The new Personality +Means that players move and act like they do in real life. This means, for example, that Wayne Rooney Manchester United is growing behind the ball when he does not own mewnyn; While Dimitar Berbatov hit a partner more satisfied with staying, something happened!

Other TweaksMake FIFA 11 Zumai help the most beautiful version. So, for example, on crosses, it’s ok to see now, it’s more than one player on the ball. You will also notice that players are slightly faster than FIFA 10.

Another important change is the ability to control the yFIFA 11 goalkeeper who feelsIt’s very natural, and adds an extra element to the gameplay.

Handball will be presented for the first time in 11 FIFA. If a defensive position is displayed in the shot line, you can disable his hand to block it. The frequency of the palm is slightly higher than in real life,But you can disable it, or that they occur in situations of a diffiniopeidiwch criminal.

FIFA 11 also has a more sophisticated system that provides greater control over the distribution of the ball you. Pro Passing function you can measure with tickets just as they finish. Repertoire of passportsWill grow, and now you can also execute the ball passes, clicks, LOBS driving and spinning applied to the eggs.

One o’rNewidiadau we do not like the new fine system at the core of the bar. The stop indicator in the right place is very difficult, because it takes a long time untilYou do not hit the button. Pauses in FIFA 11

Graphical settings

At first glance, it looks like FIFA 11 graphics in the final version of the ist.Sobald case you start cynrychiolwyrneu close to see, however, note that the players’ similarity is now more realistic. EA modeled player facesWith pictures and facial expressions are now more diverse and vary depending on the players.

The addition of a good alternative to FIFA 11 is the ability to download audio itself for use in the game. You can record your own songs, add audio files from the lastHymns of the team and identify gerddoriaethmae’r the ends of the team.

SpielmodiFIFA11 is still stacked with a lot of game modes, including officially licensed leagues, exhibitions, training and being professional. One significant change this time of the rehash is now known as the career modeAnd are integrated with Be Pro’s manager mode. Now it’s more active in these exercises that you can start as a player before becoming a player-manager and finally a full-fledged manager.

Hwnnodweddion an interesting innovation, as well as super clever gameplay, FIFA 11 makesFootball sim quintessence.

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