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Chrome XP V4
Chrome XP V4 Free Download Torrent


Chrome XP V4

If you have an older computer Windows can sit in the closet and still want to use now and then. Windows was coined in recent years, but did not stop to save a small portion of the market share. I have a lot of software to support the aging operating system, to be beautiful and functional.Chrome XP is a small example!

fast modern

ChromeKSP provide modern melancholy over the old operating system. Although silent anything that makes it more surprising Some changes such as adding new icons and colors to the operating system itself, as well as other software such as Windows Explorerwelcoming. Others, such as the extension of the area of ​​not less clicks can start menu corresponds to each. But all in all it is a good conversion known interface.

memetikdan selection

Chromium KSP has a few small niggles. There is little Vasted spacious right side of the clock, and some other smallthings that can not be ignored when I saw him. But if you get used to it and find the Start menu should be pretty good with your choice as described above, Chrome XP, you can see their aging XP machine as a little more modern, more natural. And that’s not a bad adalahtetapithing.

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