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Ted Cinema Experience: Opening Even 2017
Ted Cinema Experience: Opening Even 2017 French Full Download Torrent


Ted Cinema Experience: Opening Even 2017

fathom events and experience the true TED movie experience: TED2017 select theaters across the country on Monday in the opening Championship, April 24, at the premiere of TED2017 Sit in the front row – from the TED conference a week. Identify the experience of TED talks and presentations, the TED spread for the first time at duteagertokian Vancouver, in British Columbia. Anab Jain speaker, Laura Galante, Tito kapha, Garry Kasparov, the Tim Ferris, OK Go and Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks.

EventKatakana and experienciatraer TED Film Experience: TED2017 Best Exclusive Sunday, April 30 hautatzekoEzagutu theaters around the country’s most inspiring and insightful TED talk from TED2017. This exclusive concert, newly created film viewers, programming and programming podsvetok surprise, Elon Musk, Dan Ariely, including names such as Syntyyu Yerevan and several other.

Fathom events and actual esperientziakTED kinoDosvid: TED2017 Prize live event on Tuesday, April 25Watch Serena Williams on select theaters around the country, unexpected guests and speakers, including Atul Havande bright, Anna Rosling Rnnlund and Boog + Lil Buck, TED2017 scene. See Health warrior Raj Panjabi won $ 1 million TED Prize to fund them.

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