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Slither io
Slither io Windows XP/7/8/10 Download


Slither io

Snake Slither is a free multiplayer online game that’s easy to assume control of a small snake. The spheres brightest you eat, the bigger you become. The goal is to grow as big as you can without hitting another charge. Unlike the first snake móbilxogos phone, the higher it is, the easier the game because it is easier to destroy other snakes.

Collect shiny Kalb grows to an enormous snake

faster time to Respawn helps make the game less addictive because it getsDeath quickly decepciónporque is back in the game.

It begins as a very small snake, the size of your wallet. There are luminous balls that produce round plate around. Your job is to devour Disco changed on the charge. If someone does a snake, then are destroyed. Another snake destroyed their energy is more luminous balls that want to eat more werden.Der only to the snake has destroyed another is the worst snake with a snake head. If you see other people, a partyou then are destroyed.

Much of Slither prevent outraCobras eat orbs. If you want to destroy other snakes eat their remains and become larger, they have to be smarter than other tactical players. Or you can just wait to meet other snakes random.

Destroy other snakes and feed them anEnergie

There are many tactics that can destroy usaroutros zmiida, and becomes easier when you grow up, because it has more body to hit. If you are a big snake, and can always breakrevolve around (and go elsewhere) to beat your body body around another snake. If they are destroyed, try the opportunity to respect another game in which you will have little billed again. The most aggressive is Snake Slither, then thethe greater possibilities are being destroyed, because the best way to stay alive is to avoid completely other snakes.

gráficosSon the very simple, but the game uses a lot of bandwidth and internet power CPU (Central ProcessingUnit), so you will have a very modern computer to play. There is an option to reduce the graphics of the game if you have a computer less powerful.

toIzglezhda two different versions of the game will get eines connected to the type of device / computer they are using. If you have a strong machine version of the game will most likely where the queues are longer and thicker. If you have a less powerful machine, which are less players in the game, and see the snake becomes longer, butthicker. Make the snakes thicker because they are longer, the developer is way to old elm level. Longer and fatter snakes kill another easier, but grim chapter harder other wegEtwas


The game is simple, but very addictive, especially because each partidolixeiramente different from other people to play with. You can connect and enter into a friend, because they spawn in random game each time. Internet igrataizpolzva CPU performance and very strong, whichmeans that many people found slowdown or talk thatcan ruin the game, if it happens too often. The game is colorful, simple format myths and game mechanics make the game easy. Entertainment is mostly self-regulated depending on how you play. Play a game and pursue other risky players or evitaroutra and concentrate on becoming great – the eVashite choice.

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