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BitComet 1.39
BitComet 1.39 Download


BitComet 1.39

BitComet has been around for the P2P scene since 2003 and is not yet complete and / HTTP / FTP client BitTorrent downloads.

BitComet allows you to share files with other users, even though it can only be used files that can be legally uit sureeldonline. The interface is similar to eMule with functions that go to the controls at the top and the streams in the left pane that load in the center in the main window. After starting downloading files regulyarnaeprypynak, pause,Cancel, update settings, etc. all on BitComet plus a handy “Delete torrent and all files” option which removes all traces of unwanted electricity from your PC.

The speeds of the order, but not as good as similar P2P applications such as Utorrent. One reason for this is that not only BitCometgebruikers, as it was, come as an effective and user-friendly alternative on the market. But one of the most useful features of BitComet before SMIvaryyant is thatCurrent causes in sequence, rather than randomly download, so you can view any multimedia content. It is a great way to avoid broken links, but on the other hand, it will significantly slow down the load.

More recently, with a feature BitComet experimenting with all or some of the same content some or all streams of the data Nha Torrent sources downloadvan or also from colleagues from other streams. Please notice thatThis relizTaksama first BitTorrent client to a stable version of 64-bit free

Another interesting feature on BitComet is mental cache drive, which its own really comes on fast connections. If you are lucky to get a data download speed of 500 kbit / or higher, it leaves you with BitComet to enable the data cache to access the hard disk less often. The result is DATDat not slow down your PC as large amounts of data can receiveSometimes.

One drawback of BitComet is what interferes with ads from time to time in the main surface. Another disadvantage is that the removal procedure HN remains particularly schoon.applicatie directory as the registry entry, although manually the old one and the other can be removed with some good registry as clean as Revo.

There are simpler and more popular customers out there such as Utorrent Utorrent and Azureus, which offer with less to the best price Download mitusni.Tym Nevertheless,If you have a very fast connection, I can not wait to download your files before they watched and enjoy a torrent client with lots of frills, BitComet could be for you.


GUIVerbeterd: task list at the height of the disk and the disk retention separate history torrent

GUI Improved: save the challenges that arise when loading when the list of tasks sorting

GUI Improved: add a confirmation dialogOf the restoration dyspleyzverborgen torrents in list peer parts

GUI Bugfix: Automatic shutdown does not work in a certain time

GUI Bugfix: Open a URL to the default system browser instead of IE

GUI Bugfix: torrent symbool will not have sting use icon

GUI Bugfix: when creating a new torrent add, all files, rather than just selected are downloaded

GUI Bugfix: The status of the task in the task list should not be changed,When you press the Home / End button

GUIFIX: Setup View – Task List – Display of filters does not work when the program starts

Core solution: to do with the torrent file is not in use is UTF-8

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