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Hangouts 2015.1204
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Hangouts 2015.1204

Live chat and video conferencing services is a Google. This Google, Gmail and Android mobile applications and can be accessed through foriOS, astronomical Chrome extension that allows you to chat with your contacts directly from the Windows desktop.

instantmezuak and video calls

Hangouts is a platform for instant messaging is all the conventional features of a good service.Once messages in Google’s messages, images, and you can stuur’n emoticons contact batekoedo talks.

Thanks tovideoconferencing function, to make video calls with up to 10 people, at the same time, no matter what device they are connected. as YouTube and Google Docs applications, as well as the sounds and visual integration of letting the call to please your dituefektu have.

only the main

Once installed, you can access Google Chrome pravotoagal talks on a screen above the Windows taskbar. When not in use, leihoabeharreko can be minimized in the notification area.

Chat:Interface talks focus on what is most important andminimalistin to be unobtrusive. The main window displays a list of only contact and a search engine, so you can quickly search duzunhoriek. Video calls, a new window is opened, and you will find all video-related applications and functions.

All you need

Hangouts are a perfect extension of baduzuzerbitzua using contacts. you maklikSimuleer communicate with friends, video calling added bonus of some pretty interesting features is goteverything.The only drawback is that it is not the audio calls, and conversations Chrome always be open for use.

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