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Call of Duty 2
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Call of Duty 2

Call of Duty is a classic WWII First-Person Shooter. The first was published in 2003 led to a series that lasted for years dominated genre. Together with the original Medal of Honor is defined by the look and feel of World War II games for years to come. The game follows the storiesthe soldiers who are fighting in the British American and Russian armies and includes not only infantry, but the small number of tank combat missions.

Theglori and the tragedy of war

Call of Duty isa quick thrilling First-Person Shooter, or fight scenes are not just a movie thrill ride. They are oftenshockingly dark vision of chaos and fear of conflict especially terrifying mission in the campaign of the Red Army. These scenes inspired both films, as Enemi at the Gates and real life incidents in the Battle of Stalingrad wreak havoc on the war in vaithat only a few other games have achieved.

classicfor shooter fans

If you are being treated with fan First-Person Shooters Call of Duty is definitely not worth just a game because it’s an exciting game, but also because of its impact on the later games. Some elements may appear from such as system damage and some graphics, but still enough here specially for historiandWar enthusiasts to enjoy.

The second installment of the Infiniti Vard classic first-person shooter series Call of Duty 2 immerse themselves in a series of exciting World War II battle with missions ranging from dams Moskouaan battle of Stalingrad, the Battle of El Alamein D-Dai and more. With a large selection of weaponsi realnoVVII Battlegrounds this game combines a striking battle with a nervous break fast combat game. Most missions arecombat equipped infantry, but there are some tank battle scene.

Behind enemy lines

Call of Duty 2 was extremely influential to fans of the shooter genrealready familiar with many of its assumptions, including the simple will damage your weapon mechanics. Gritty realistic atmosphere makes the game special offer compelling and supporting characters, and dramatic contektand useful informacijebojno field. Despite the fact that this is a well-known WorldWar goals – indeed one of the final entries in the genre – has a wide range of missions, including snipers challenges desperation and frantic defense against enormous odds.

Go back to the front

If you are being treated with the shooter genre fan this is a classic first-person battleground is definitely ekperienceitworth playing. Some of the graphics feel a little of that fighting mechanics are still fresh. The game features multiplayer action, although ostalakao classic games is not much online community.

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